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Amy Quesenberry

Amy Quesenberry, Writer

Although Amy is not a professional writer, she has been writing poetry and lyrics since she was in grade school.  Since she was a child, she has been advocating for others, speaking up for those that were bullied, considered outsiders or could not advocate for themselves.  It is this same passion for equality and inclusion she knew in her core was the right thing to do as a child that inspires her writing material.

Amy has a bachelor’s in Business Management and a master’s in Organizational Leadership.  She lives in San Diego with her husband Freddy and two dogs, Dino & Little Bit.  She loves to cook, listen to music, read, watch scary movies and documentaries and take spin classes on her Peloton bike.

Amy believes fully in the power of one, and that each person is accountable for their actions, the impact of those actions or lack of action.  It is this philosophy along with what she las learned about animal cruelty and the environment that has led her to living a vegan lifestyle.