Janette Gomez Monteagudo | San Diego Sketch Comedy | Black Kat Theatre of San Diego

Janette Gomez Monteagudo

Communications – janette@blackkattheatre.com

Janette has been a performer since she was born. Her parents let her watch Dracula at the age of 3, which may explain many things about her. A huge Nerd/Geek, you can find Janette every July working at Comic-Con. Amazingly this high school dropout is now a Special Education teacher. She is the proud mother of three black kitties and a ‘werescoodle’ puppy dog. Janette is proud to be a company member of Black Kat. She was last seen in Black Kat’s Guide to the Bill of Rights: A Living Newspaper & 2017 In Review: A Living Newspaper here at the amazing Women’s Museum.